Public records found on the Internet about Peter “Pete” R Iodice

Public records found on the Internet about Peter “Pete” R Iodice  Web links with short summary.

Pete Iodice has plead guilty in SC to fraud charges.  Here is a copy of the letter sent out to investors:


Bluffton businessman barred from securities business in SC; company ordered to pay fine

July 20th article Companies owned by Bluffton man under investigation owe local businesses.

Outlines many companies suing for non-payment.
July 11th Bluffton businessman investigated by State Attorney General
Order mentioned in the above article  feb 25th cease and desist order.Prospective business owner has two fraud convictions – This article mentions his other past problems which he has an explanation for  them in the article which we bought at the time – but now believe it is his pattern.
Ex-resident ordered to reimburse businessmen  This is the event that happened in 2011 – the explanation Pete gave at the time this came up made sense. But here is the court filing of a statement from the business owner:
Here is a “short” summary:
Vijay Kavuri vs Peter Iodice court filing 6/27/2013 Affidavit of Robert Kenrick in regards to the sale of his 9 Gas Plus locations.
8/26/2009  LOI from Peter Iodice and Compass Energy Corp. to purchase the 9 stations.
11/09 terminated negotiations as he did not have resources to close.  He also found out that Peter Iodice was attempting to sell his business to Hitesh Patel.
Pete had on Oct 22 2009 accepted a $200,000 check from Patel.
Patel wrote demand letter Dec 1 to get refund.
Dec 23 Lawsuit filed by Patel against Kenrick and Iodice
March 2010 Kenrick reentered negotiations with Iodice as he had “all cash” via Kerry Capital (Tom Janes company)
April 28, 2010 Kenrick received a call from Iodice Probation officer. He informed me that Mr Iodice is on probation and has a criminal history of bilking investors by posing as the seller of real estate/businesses.on April 30 entered into contract to sell to TCP.  Contact terminated July when no money coming.
ON May 26, 2010 found out Peter had an agreement with Vejaya Kavuri to sell the stations to him (this is before the April contract) $25,000 deposit collected.
Also in May Iodice collected another $200,000 as deposit from Schrum and Schaffer of Colorado.  $50k was return as of this document.
Also May 26 Jay Patel was offered to buy the stations from Iodice and was asking for $250,000 deposit George Patel paid a $25,000 deposit
June 24 Alem Alebnai claimed Iodice was selling him the stations.
Jan 20, 2011  Entered into agreement to sell to Kerry Capital/Tom Janes with Iodice an investor but not directly the buyer. 
Feb 15th entered into contract with Kenrick Acquisition Corp, a new corp formed by Mr Janes.  The contract required $100,000 deposit which did not come so contract cancelled.
June 2011 Chang Yi and David Suh saw a craigslist ad for the stations and the broker said that Iodice owned them. 
June 17th George Bessada asked if stations for sale.
That is 8 different persons that Peter Iodice offered to sell the Gas Plus stations to, collecting deposits from many of them.  This is the case that was in the news that Iodice had to pay restitution.   As you can see Iodice was collecting deposits for the sale of businesses he said he owned but he did not.From  Illinois Car Dealer convention
From above link:
“Pete is very handsome, well-dressed, well-spoken,” Block said, explaining how the man who purports to have bachelor of administration and law degrees from the University of Georgia was able to convince so many people to invest in his schemes. “He reeks of charisma,” Block said. ” Attorney general press release 2007  Car dealership in Il.

Oconee man arrested for car purchase fraud

…their ”deposit.” The man, Peter Iodice, claims they only paid the $8…County sheriff’s deputies arrested Iodice, 52, on charges of theft by taking and theft by deception on Monday. Iodice, a long-time Oconee resident and…

 ”You can’t do a good business with a bad person. Find the right people to work with and you can’t go wrong.”

By Richard Branson. Founder of Virgin Group